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DE Series--20~120w Plastic Case Power Supply

DE20W Series

●Input Voltage Range: 110-277Vac Nom. (100-305 V Min/Max)
●Frequency: 50/60 Hz Nom. (47-63 Hz Min/Max)
●Power Factor: ≥0.9@ full load, 100 V through 277 V
●Input Current: 0.25A @ 100Vac
●Maximum Power: 20 W
●THD: ≤20% @ 70-100% load, 100-277V
●Protection: Output Over-Voltage reset by power cycling
●(1~10V)3-in-1 dimming or DALI dimming function
●Output Over-Current and Output Short
●Circuit Protection with auto recovery

The DE020 series operate from a 100 ~ 305 Vac input range.They are designed to be highly efficient and highly reliable. Features include over voltage protection, short circuit protection and over load protection.