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BS Series Integrated Solar Lamp 15W~80W

1:Panel Efficiency>18%,lifetime 25 years;LED efficiency>210lm/w,CRI>75Ra.

2:LiFePO4 battery,≥2000 cycle times;High capacity,heat resistance,no pollution;

3:360°horizontal rotation, 270°vertical rotation; Solar panel adjustable ,maximum using the sunshine.

4:Microwave sensor,30%-100% brightness adjustable,Save energy;

                                                                                         BS Series Integrated Solar Lamp 15W~80W



                                                                  NEW DESIGN ALL IN ONE SMART SOLAR STREET LIGHT-BS SERIES (2016)

                             BS SERIES Smart All In One Solar Street Light through innovative design, the real realization of the integrated solar street light definition.
                             well-built, Aesthetics appearance design, modern high-end, compact all feature flagship product.

                             All In One( integration) design solar light put all core parts and smart motion sensor in one kit, convenient for purchasing, transport,
                             installation, maintenance.The embedded solar intelligent control system is fully upgraded with new technologies, including MPPT
                             (maximum power tracking) charge and discharge management, to enhance the lighting energy efficiency and reduce the energy
                            consumption at the same time.New optimized light distribution scheme and multi-platform wireless control system. 

                            It provides flexible solutions for group management of street lights, customized working mode and remote real-time control.Using environment, 
                            corrosion resistance material, integrated smart solar street light created a number of lead-acid battery lifespan and the ultimate simplicity
                            installation, Greatly extending the lifespan and maintenance times.High efficiency multi-core led light, significantly improve light effect.
                            Brightness increase 70%, make sure the system running more efficiency, energy-saving.



                          Parameters of the BS Series Integrated Solar LED Street lights.